University and Students

Leeds is among the top ten universities for research in the UK and is internationally acknowledged as a centre of excellence in a wide range of academic and professional disciplines.

At the moment I am the Director of the Leeds Russian Centre (Russia[n] in the Global Context), and previously I had various leadership roles such as the School International Coordinator and leader of the School research group in film and visual culture.

I work with a number of research students, both MA and PhD; their projects are on Russian social media and branding of political discourse; political satire of the Krokodil journal as an example of transmedial and performative practice; ethnographic media in the post-celluloid era; computer gaming and education; on how British journalism constructs and deconstructs the image of Russia, and many others. I would be happy to work with student researchers interested in film, digital culture, media, cultural studies, celebrity culture, technology and art.