These are some key publications. Information about other publications is available below.

New Media in New Europe-Asia’ (Routledge, 2014).
From Central to Digital: Television in Russia’ (Nauka-Press, 2014).
Celebrity and Glamour in Contemporary Russian Culture: Shocking Chic’ (Routledge, 2010).
‘Cul’tura “Post”: At the Crossroads of Cultures and Civilisations’ (Voronezh UP, 2004).
‘Embracing Postmodernity: Discourses of Historicity and Fiction’ (Voronezh UP, 2000).
‘National Identity and Principles of Cross-Cultural Communication’ (Nauka-Press, 2001).
‘National Identity in Literature and Humanities of the 20th century’ (Nauka-Press, 2000).
‘National Identity in Culture and Education in Russia and the West’ (Nauka-Press, 2000).

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